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  • Fudge Mountain Cookies1

    Fudge Spice Cabin Cookies


    I call these cabin cookies because they are rather rustic and remind me of cabins and drinking Gluwein, mulled wine,  around a  big warm fire.  If you have never tried Gluwein, you are seriously missing out.I had my first sip 7 years ago when my German mother-in-law served […]

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  • Edited Muffin Photo

    B & B -Buckwheat & Blueberries


    The heat of the summer reminds me of only one thing: that sweet burst of blue fruit,the blueberry! Today while I was at Mom’s house rummaging  through the freezer full of  5-10 year old freezer-burnt food, I found none other than a bag of blueberries […]

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