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  • Blackberry Lime Muffins

    Farmer’s Market Friday: Blackberry Lime Mini-Muffins


    It’s blackberry season folks! Funny thing, we discovered we have a field of wild blackberry bushes on our property. As if I did not already absolutely love my yard, now I love it even more! In the past 3 weeks we have filled about 3 […]

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  • Zucchini Bread Closeup

    PMS Bread


    I am pissed off for no reason other than that it’s time of the¬†month¬†. This happens to us ladies once per month. No, no one has done anything to me. I am just pissy. The man keeps asking what he did. Poor thing. If only […]

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  • Stack Cookies

    NCCC Day


    NCCC Day. You do know what that acronym means right? No? Well that’s because I made it up just now. Its stands for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, which just so happens to be today. I try to eat healthy most of the time, and […]

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