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Owning chickens is always an  adventure, but a rewarding and relatively easy undertaking. The taste of a free-range egg is unlike any egg you will ever eat.  The nutrient levels are much higher in eggs from chickens  that eat bugs and vegetables versus chickens that eat just grain. Read more about this at Mother Earth News.Why feed chickens grain when you can feed them your waste in the form of veggie scraps, fruit scraps, bread scraps, AND get better tasting eggs? Kill two birds with one stone…ok that was not a nice analogy, but you get the point. Don’t kill the birds…

Our flock is free roaming  in a large field of grass.  We started with 5 Ameraucaunas (blue eggs layers who inspired the name of my blog) and 4 years later our flock has grown to about 18-20 birds, a mix of Speckled Sussex, Black stars, Golden Comets, Barred Rocks, Pioneers, and a couple of mixes that we hatched ourselves with an incubator. We have 2 roosters at the moment. In 2015 we raised our first birds for meat, and plan to raise about 30-40 per year in the future for our own dinner table.

They love to come onto our porch and peer in, waiting, watching and they also come running like dogs to  our cars when we drive up! I have a facts & questions section here on raising laying hens!








Disclaimer:I am not a dietician or nutritionist, so please consult one if you have specific nutrition questions.