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  • Pumpkin Rols

    Charleston & Pumpkin Dinner Rolls


    My sister, Emily,  lives in Charleston now! While we were there for the Charleston Marathon back in January we drank mimosas, ate giant cinnamon rolls the size of my head from Wild Flour Pastry , and ate dinner at this delicious and highly-hip Vietnamese restaurant […]

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  • Veggies Summer 2014

    Sweet Sweet Summertime


    I have to say I am thrilled to see my blog is still in existence. I had serious doubts. I know I dropped off the face of the Earth for 5 months a while . I am not going to apologize anymore because sh* happens. You […]

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  • Rnr Marathon Finish

    My Favorite Cool Weather Meal


    I ran a marathon a few days ago, and last night  I honestly didn’t even want to stand up to walk to the bathroom, let alone cook. Can someone bring me a bedpan? I enjoy the aches and groans of my muscles reminding me I ran […]

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  • Photo 20 E1335817185933

    What I Am Loving Lately


    Can we just pretend it is April 1st again, please? Because somehow the entire month has passed by so quickly that I have yet to post about Easter eats, my birthday eats, the actual Boston Marathon, and all that other stuff that has happened in between. Somehow in all […]

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  • Boston Skyline

    Happy Dance


    I am doing my happy dance right now. It is probably a good thing you cannot see this. I am alone,  new clothes strewn about, doing a small fashion show to the sound of sirens and horns 30 floors below me. It’ s not what […]

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  • Baconbiscuit

    An Extra-UN-ordinary Morning


    I had the most virtuous intentions when concocting this recipe. Healthy breakfast  foods on my mind. Organic spinach, fresh local tomatoes, fresh chives and thyme from the garden, whole wheat flour. You get my drift? HEALTHY, PEOPLE. Then, it happened. I smelled bacon. Glorious, thick […]

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