About Me

I have a love for adventure, other cultures, exploring the road less traveled and doing what I can to enjoy all that this beautiful life-giving Earth has to offer.

My passion is to inspire others to live a more healthy lifestyle and the be the best they can be all -around through fresh, whole foods and a love of the outdoors, movement, and of course some level of financial freedom.   (When I am not blogging I work as financial planner).

It all started with a couple of blue-egg- laying chickens back in 2010. Now we have a big urban farm with 34 ladies and 2 rooster dudes. Currently raising 18 chicks and proud momma to 2 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats.

Trying to live sustainably, create less waste, and avoid consumerism as much as possible.

Welcome to my blog, 2BlueEggs!

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