About Me

A Fusion of Whole Foods, Urban Farming, & Travel

I am a financial planner, runner, yogi, wife, cook, gardener, baker, total nerd, urban farmer,beekeeper, traveler and foodie living in the deep South in a charming little place called Savannah, Georgia. After a friend pointed out while scrolling through my camera photos in 2010  that 99.99% of my photos did not include actual people but rather,  food, my chickens, random trips I have taken,  and more food, I figured “I either have a serious problem or I am destined to have my own blog. Maybe there are people out these as weird as me.”

This is my place to organize my creative endeavors into all things food, farming, and travel related. I am constantly trying to find ways to inspire others to live a more healthy lifestyle and the be the best they can be all -around through fresh, whole foods and a love of the outdoors, movement, and of course some level of financial freedom. What’s more important than physical health?  Health is wealth!  As far as the travel goes, with each excursion to a far away land, I learn something that changes my outlook on life and helps me develop perspective.

It all started with a couple of  blue -egg- laying chickens back in 2010. Now we have a big urban farm with 34 ladies and 2 rooster dudes.

Welcome to my blog, 2BlueEggs!

Disclaimer:I am not a dietician or nutritionist, so please consult one if you have specific nutrition questions.