Happy Dance

I am doing my happy dance right now. It is probably a good thing you cannot see this. I am alone,  new clothes strewn about, doing a small fashion show to the sound of sirens and horns 30 floors below me. It’ s not what you think.

Let me give you a hint about where I am:

Clam Chowder, Hopkinton, Elite Runners, Baseball……………


I can check off the beautiful Boston, Massachusetts to my ever-growing travel bucket list and the Boston Marathon, no less. I am in a hotel room at the Marriott Copley Place in downtown Boston for the next 5 days.

My boss asked me to go to Boston to “work”  for a day with Adidas to roll out a new running program, and Adidas  just so happens to sponsor this incredible event, this little thing called the Boston Marathon. It is tough leaving the dogs and chickens and man alone for 5 days . Tough for him, that is. I hope he comes out of it alive. He is probably eating quesadillas and beer and camping on Little Tybee right now with the dogs, barefoot, dirty, and in heaven, so I am not too worried.


I don’t receive the royal treatment often, so when I arrived at my hotel and shortly after received a welcome package, I was completely blown away by what Adidas provided to me to wear for the next 5 days.

Check out the booty!




I was speechless when I realized just how many things they so graciously provided to me. I did  not need to pack any clothes. That is certain. I probably should have flown naked to account for the extra clothes I will be carrying home.

You will see me wearing these Boston Athletic Association Jackets proudly in 90 degree weather when I set foot in Savannah again. Why not? It is an unseasonably warm spring, but I will wear them nonetheless!

Actually, while that package was a highlight of my day, the meal we ate for lunch came in close second.

We strolled over to Stephanie’s on Newbury for some grub.

The clam chowder was excellent, as was the calamari and Thai chicken salad. Yes, I had all three things. Why do you ask?  This girl can EAT.

                                                                                       (please excuse the terrible restaurant lighting)


Back to the clams and squid. HOW do people afford to live in this city or New York for that matter? A normal lunch here is double what it is in Savannah. My boss picked up the tab and I am grateful for that, but dang, city life is expensive. And loud.

I can see the infamous Boston traffic now from the 30th floor and hear it. Bostonians are not afraid of their horns.


I will report back as soon as I hear a real Boston accent, stuff my face with more fresh seafood, and galavant around town in 3-4 items of clothing that all say Boston Athletic Association on them. You can’t miss me.

I may throw a workout in there at some point, but my  main concern right now is just wearing the new clothes, not working out in them. Wait, what?  Who am I?


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